Viva la verde… yet another variant on the green smoothie

This is a smoothie I’ve been trialling for the past few days.  Only in its infancy, I liken it to Mother Nature’s version of a V energy drink.  A triple V!

It’s more ‘green’ than my usual morning pick-me-up.  Hubby and I had a tall glass each around 10am and it kept us satiated until late afternoon.

For those just starting on green smoothies, there’s a few options if your tastebuds yell out for something sweeter!

Based on the Dr Oz green drink, my version is below.  It made over 2 tall glasses and then some!

Triple V smoothie

Triple V smoothie

VVV (Very Very Verde) Smoothie

1 handful spinach

2 florets broccoli

2 stalks kale

3 stalks celery

juice of 2 limes

2 tbs chopped parsley

1cm portion of ginger

2 (large) green apples

1/2 cucumber

1 tbs chia seeds

water or coconut water

handful ice

Optional: agave / dates / banana / pineapple / orange / another apple

I prefer the thickness of smoothies as opposed to juices, so I threw everything into my powerful blender.  It may sound like you have a racehorse in your kitchen, but so worth it to make life easier!

If you have a regular blender, make sure you chop the ingredients into smaller pieces to ease the liquifying process.

Blend.  Add sufficient water/coconut water for it come together.

Taste.  If similar to freshly mowed lawn (urgh) then add sweetener and blend again.

A mouthful of freshness in every gulp!