Love is in the air: Loving Hut leap of faith pays off

I had never heard of Loving Hut until a fellow Aussie vegan blogger residing in Brisbane wrote how it was one of his favourite restaurants early last year. I was thrilled to learn a Perth branch opened. Not just one, but two! A restaurant and a café!

First off, a history of the business. It’s a family of global vegan restaurants that has won numerous awards such as VegNews 2012 Favourite Vegan Restaurant, 2012 Vegan of the Year: Outstanding Vegan Business (Asia) and 2012 Vegan of the Year: Oustanding Vegan Restaurant (UK/Europe) – Menton, France. The founder believes (as do all vegans) “a plant-based diet is healthier, more compassionate, and is the only sustainable diet for the whole planet”.

Each Loving Hut is individually owned and managed (ie. Owners are given full autonomy of the menu), meaning no two restaurants are the same.

I have been to both Perth Loving Huts several times, and on this occasion hubby and I dropped in for breakfast to the café. I opted for the raw sandwich, only because it was something I’d never tried before and hubby chose the Big Breakfast. For drinks – two freshly pressed juices.

Hubby is blessed with a fast metabolism. He can eat like a horse and not exercise. Doesn’t gain a kilo. Mucho unfair *fist shaking in the air*. He was sceptical how ‘big’ Loving Hut’s Big Breakfast was going to be, but ceased all worrying when his food arrived.

The big V brekky

The big V brekky

For $15, it’s really good value. Toast, scrambled tofu, cherry tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms and a vegan sausage. He managed to finish it and said the scramble tasted exactly like eggs.

My raw sandwich consisted of ‘bread’ on either side of julienned vegetables. The dehydrated flaxseed bread wasn’t too salty and the texture was as bread-like as you could get. It was just right. The tasty relishes on the side were ohhh la la. One was tomato chutney and the other I’m actually not sure. It was sweet and yellow. Hmm, will have to ask next time.

raw sandwich

raw sandwich

A cursory glance at the desserts cabinet and I’m a goner. I never can say no. Problem: It was a bit early for sweets in the day. Solution: Takeaway! Hubby was too full to even go halves with me. On previous occasions I’d tried the (cooked) tiramisu, chocolate, mocha and carrot cakes, and of course the to-die-for soft serve icecream. Opting for the raw route, I take home a slice of raw mixed berry cheesecake and a raw pistachio macaroon.  (Side note:  later that afternoon we devoured the desserts.  Hubby said it’s the best raw cheesecake he’s had out of all the establishments we’ve tried!)

in the raw:  berry cheesecake and pistachio macaroon

in the raw: berry cheesecake and pistachio macaroon

The Loving Hut café not only has organic coffee, teas, juices, a salad bar, hot food station and dessert cabinet – they also dedicate a few shelves to vegan products such as Notzarella cheese, Primal Strips seitan vegan jerky, the Lam Yong range and Tofutti mock cream cheese among others.

As we were enjoying our meal, there was a steady stream of customers dropping in. The owner of Loving Hut Perth, Lee, says a wide variety of people come through the doors. Many are not vegans, they simply want a good feed that doesn’t cost the earth, like most things in Perth.

The next time I visit? I notice they have a Vegan Dim Sum on the menu. Their menu changes according to what’s in season, which keeps things fresh and sustainable.

Want to know more?

self-serve salad bar

self-serve salad bar

The Loving Hut Low Down:  1 Minute with Lee Mah, Owner of Loving Hut Perth

Lee Mah and her entire family are vegan.  She has a background in the restaurant business, owning two vegetarian establishments before foraying into the Loving Hut family.  In addition to running the two Loving Huts, Lee is also the Western Australian producer of vegan cheese Notzarella.  Those that haven’t tried it – you gotta.  A subtle tasting cheese, it melts and shreds just like mainstream cheese.  Melted on top of pizzas, lasagnas or as a grilled ‘cheeze’ sandwich?   Ohh la la…

Vegetarian / vegan since:

Vegetarian for over 15 years, vegan for 5 years.

Most popular dishes on the menu:

Thai green curry, sizzling peking and the mushroom delight.

Most touching Loving Hut moment:

At last week’s Running Raw around Australia Fundraising event in Cottesloe, Lee experienced something innately rewarding. A customer told her that her mother, after visiting Loving Hut Perth Cafe some months ago – has turned vegan. Lee further shares “I am touched…., and overwhelmed with gratitude and warmth. Though we have no intention of trying to convert anyone, we are simply providing vegan food and a venue for people to have an experience of eating vegan meals, However comments like this mean a lot to us all at Loving Hut Perth.”

(Note:  Running Raw around Australia is the initiative of cancer survivor Janette Murray-Wakelin & partner Alan Murray.  This couple are running 1 marathon per day for 365 days around the nation.  Why?  To draw attention to conscious lifestyle choices, kindness, compassion, sustainability and environmental awareness).

The Future of Loving Hut:

Exciting plans are underway to expand Notzarella production and Loving Hut’s famous pies.  In just 3 weeks’ time, you’ll be able to purchase Lee’s pies from your local IGA.  Hurrah!  Cue happy dance here.  As for Notzarella, Melbourne and Adelaide will follow suit, and there are currently 100 outlets in WA which stock it with this number set to increase.

Lee describes Loving Hut as being the medium to which she can promote a benevolent and peaceful world, a simple, humble vegan cafe and restaurant which is hoping to be able to serve the Perth community.

A generous soul, Lee has offered a 10% discount for my blog followers! Give the code “FriskaLove” to the Loving Hut staff when dining in the café or restaurant. This discount is valid from 3 months as of today. That means it expires on 12 December 2013 people.
NB: As of 23 September, Loving Hut East Victoria Park will only be open for dinner on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays as they ramp up Notzarella production.  Rest assured this is only temporary!  Best to like their Facebook page to keep abreast of their updates.
Loving Hut Cafe and Mini Mart
Shop 19, 366 Albany Highway
Victoria Park (Mon-Fri 10am-2.30pm, Weekend 10am-4.30pm)
9470 3969Loving Hut Restaurant
64A Etwell Street
East Victoria Park (Wed-Sun 5-9pm, Fri-Sun 5-9pm as of 23 September)
9470 6162
hot food station

hot food station

Noteworthy noshin in Freo: The nom-noms at Simple Nosh

The simple things in life are always the best.  Hands up who’s with me?

This is something I agree with wholeheartedly.  Especially when it comes to what comes out of my kitchen.  It’s only fitting that a café with a name like Simple Nosh was on my “Must Eat” list.

Hubby and I walked into this charming cottage-cum-eatery towards the end of lunch service.  Bit past 2pm to be exact.  We found the display fridge to be pretty much bare –a good sign that business is booming.  A bad sign they had any vegan items left.  I was worried unnecessarily as there was still a lentil burger left – one with my name on it.  The veganised version of the Lentil Burger equates to ‘hold the mayo, hold the butter’.


Nosh on Norfolk

The chatty Lea took our orders and we grabbed a table on the outdoor patio.  Luckily, the sun was now peeking out through the previously gloomy clouds.  There’s an op-shop rustic feel to the place, with odd bod chairs and sofas giving it a cosy ‘home away from home’ atmosphere.

My drink (classic Green Smoothie) arrives quickly in an old-school mason jar.  We both take a sip and hubby says it’s the best green smoothie he’s had in a while – he likes his thick, creamy and sweet.  I find I need to water it down a tad but he can slurp it up like there’s no tomorrow.  We pass the time by flicking through the travel section of the weekend paper (I’m daydreaming of a getaway during Xmas *hint hint*) and before I can say “VietnamCambodiaLaos” the mains arrive at our table.

fritatta and potato salad

fritatta and potato salad

Hubby opted for the vegetarian fritatta with a side of potato salad.  He breaks off a generous piece and forks it into his mouth.  Comfort food at its best.  Echoing his statement about the green smoothie, he now claims the potato salad is the “best he’s ever had”.  Lea tells us Simple Nosh’s condiments are lovingly created by her mum.  Everything is made fresh on the premises – no store bought mayo at this place.

My burger arrives and what a burger it is.  A generously thick lentil pattie on top of a bed of spinach leaves, tomato and julienned carrot, topped with their signature homemade tomato chutney and chunks of avocado.  All this goodness is sandwiched between a toasted wholemeal bread roll.  I’m so over burger joints being cheap by dishing out razor thin patties between huge mounds of tasteless bread.

love my lentils

love my lentils

By this point I’m quite stuffed, and opt for a soy chai latte to finish off the meal.  However, if I was feeling so inclined, there were no vegan sweets available anyway.  Don’t worry everybody – Simple Nosh will be adding plenty more vegan delicacies to their repertoire.  Hubby orders a raspberry chocolate muffin together with a flat white.  The Five Senses coffees are just what you expect a coffee to be – especially in a suburb reputed to be the birthplace of the coffee strip.  Throughout our dining experience I overhear compliments to Leah and her mum on numerous occasions as other patrons pay their bill and leave.  “Amazing”… “Thank you, that was fantastic”… “Awesome cake, so delicious”….

Hubby is strangely quiet and I glance over to see it’s because he is busily stuffing his face with Simple Nosh’s nomnoms.  He says for food like this he’ll happily turned vego.  I know it sounds sappy, but he finds Lea’s mum Irene in the kitchen and tells her he can “taste the love in her cooking”.  Awww… cue puppy dog eyes and violins.

match made in heaven:  coffee + cake

match made in heaven: coffee + cake

As we make our way to leave, hubby is so impressed with our lunch he buys a takeaway slice of lemon coconut slice for later.

Lea tells me they’re dying to expand their vegan range.  Apparently they get queries all the time, however it’s a case of being restrained due to staffing resources.  As soon as they find another cook to help out in the kitchen, Simple Nosh will be putting more vegan fare on the menu.  And you my dear readers, will be the first to know!

Want to know more about Simple Nosh?  Run by a hard-working mother-daughter duo, this eatery has only been open for a year and a bit.  Even so, for a newbie kid on the block it already enjoys a loyal following of business patrons (weekdays) and local residents (weekends).  Nestled in the leafy Norfolk Street (in the old Sala Thai premises), it’s only a few minutes’ walk from Freo CBD.  Lea’s mum has years of experience in the kitchen, and prior to opening Simple Nosh she was resident cake baker for Ootong & Lincoln.  Lea gave up a career in the fitness industry to open the business with her talented mama.

Simple, honest, tasty food + friendly service + a good cuppa = smiles all round

Looking forward to revisiting when they have more vegan options!

Simple Nosh
12 Norfolk Street, Fremantle
Open 6 days week in winter (closed Sunday)
Breakfast from 7.30am, Lunch from 11.30am – 3pm

30 seconds with one half of Simple Nosh – Lea

Do you do catering? 

They take cake, muffin or pattie orders, just make sure you give them 2 days’ notice.

Simple Nosh version 2.0? 

Vegan range will be expanding, such as non-dairy smoothie options in the summer and more desserts.

In future you will be able to take Simple Nosh home with you – Mama Irene will sell her homemade jams, chutneys, preserves and other Made With Love goodies.  Watch this space!

Why did you decide to take the plunge and open a cafe?

?Both my mother and I have a passion for vegetarian food, also homemade food is hard to come by these days that has love and passion added to it (Freshbyfriska:  Amen sista!) We had an opportunity come to us and decided to take a risk and plunge into it 🙂 ”

Biggest learning experience?

“Didn’t realise how much hard work it would take.”

Life motto / philosophy:

If you never take a risk you will never get anywhere.

The fruits of Irene's baking

The fruits of Irene’s baking

Organic, Oasis + City? Endota Combines all 3

It had been another whirlwind week at work.  On my quest to find businesses aligned with my philosophy of holistic health and well-being, I came across endota spa.

Bonus?  They’re smack bang in the city.

For those not yet in the know, endota is all-Australian certified organic spa success story.  The first endota spa opened in a small town near Melbourne 13 years ago.  The Perth branch is nestled between King St and Shafto Lane on the west end of Hay Street.  Walking up the stairs to their discrete entrance, it was a welcome sanctuary of calm amidst the cold, wet concrete jungle that is currently Perth city!  It had been a hell-ish week of turbulent winter weather.

hay street

hay street

I’m immediately greeted by endota perth’s proprietor Georgie Wood and ushered to the relaxation lounge.  The décor of the spa is a calming eco-modern palette of creams, greens and neutrals.

The endota menu?  Decisions decisions.   Treatment packages range from an express 30 minute head and shoulder massage to the baller 5-hour total pampering session aka the appropriately named “Splash Out ” which consists of a footbath, yoghurt cocoon, facial, spa mani + pedi and massage.  Alas, I was on my lunch break.  Boo hiss.

I settle in the lounge, green tea in hand,and fill out the client form.  My therapist greets me right on time for my appointment.

devil is in the detail

devil is in the detail

I’m led into the treatment room, take off my many layers and finally rest my weary self on the treatment table.  Ooohhhhh… its heated and moulds to the body!  I don’t ever want to get up and wonder how much one of these babies will set me back.  I have just the place for it at home…. mmm… snapping out of my daydream, my therapist double checks the info on my client sheet and advises my facial will begin.

She’s very knowledgeable about the products and skilled in the art of NOT talking throughout the treatment (funnily enough, was watching Rules of Engagement last night where the very same thing happened to Audrey, only it was Adam who wouldn’t shut up, not the therapist).  Zero chance of this happening here.

She starts off with the cleanser, followed by an exfoliating scrub and an extremely rejuvenating wild orange facial mist.  Then comes the face masque. The end of the facial is signified by the masque being wiped off and moisturiser smoothed on in its place.  Oh, and there’s also a quick face, head and shoulder massage thrown into the mix somewhere.  As I slowly come back to my senses, I curse silently.  Damn, 30 minutes has gone by much too quickly for my liking.

With a theatrical sigh, I reluctantly hoist myself off the warm treatment table and collect my belongings.

My therapist gives me a sheet detailing the products used during the facial.  Before I leave, I’m given a few samples of endota teas.  Endota sources its ingredients as locally as possible.  This encapsulates everything, from moisturisers to tea leaves!

As I descend down the stairs and out of the spa, the sights and sounds of the city again envelope me.

With comparable rates to other CBD spas, the endota difference is the use of native Australian certified organic ingredients and extra facilities such as a large couples treatment room and a relaxation lounge.  The latter is stocked with teas, magazines, comfy sofas, scented candles and lighting conducive to helping one fall asleep!

I could think of worse ways to spend half your lunch break.

cosy treatment room featuring lust-worthy heated table

cosy treatment room featuring lust-worthy heated table

Most relevant to this blog is the health and well-being connection.

60-Seconds with endota perth’s Georgie Wood

Georgie shares with me how her father-in-law adopted a 100% raw diet when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  After approximately 5 years being a fully-fledged “rawtarian” or “raw foodie” his tumours had shrunk significantly.  He lives a healthy, full life.. extremely fit  and active at 71 years young.  His brush with cancer was the catalyst for beginning – and continuing to – live life as holistically and organically possible.

Why did you decide to open an endota spa?

I was introduced to the endota spa network approximately 3 years ago as a potential franchisee.  I fell in love with the ethos and culture that endota not only promotes, but also how they all live their lives. The founders are  dynamic, earthy ladies who have worked hard to create, grow and share their passion for affordable and authentic products, and show business owners how to create an authentic retreat where everyone (all clients) can afford to indulge in a little love and peace for themselves in this fast paced world.

My background is fitness and nutrition, so I really understand the importance of caring for our bodies and souls, inside and out, for peace and wellbeing.

“It’s not just about looking good!  It’s also about feeling fabulous, nurtured, rested and worthy.”

I’m addicted to:

I love, love, love quinoa and pop chia seeds on everything!

Your favourite endota product and why?

I am a lover of the glycolic polishing mask for fabulous exfoliation and the bush honey and macadamia skin drink as my daily moisturiser.  Clearing away old skin cells, allowing for the new, and feeding my skin is really important to me at my young 49 years of age!

Most popular treatment at endota spa and best-selling product?

I would have to say our “treat” spa package is probably the most popular gift package purchased and given.  It’s a 3 hour treatment consisting of the billabong footbath, foot massage, body cleanse and brushing, a divine warm oil body cocoon, scalp and full body massage. Plus the signature endota organic facial. All the products we use in our gift voucher treatments are certified organic, our very own range.

Paint us a picture of your former working life:

My spa has been open about 17 months now.  Previously, I was busy growing my family and had a small personal business coaching clients in fitness and nutrition.  Prior to that I have been in event management in hospitality. All my working life has been people-based – which is where I love to be.

The finer details…

endota day spa Perth CBD

Level 1, 856 Hay St
Perth  WA  6000
t: (08) 6181 9858

There’s two winter specials ending in August (eeps, only 2 weeks to go!)

Check out the details here

Pushing the sushi envelope – Aisuru Sushi’s vegan offerings

I’d heard a lot of good things about Aisuru.  Its vegan and vegetarian sushi offerings for one.  Its entire menu being 100% freshly made to order the other.

Relishing the opportunity to meet the man behind the chopsticks, hubby and I shared a quick meal with Ken, the proprietor of Aisuru Sushi.

It is apparent Aisuru Sushi is not your average sushi restaurant.  Hi-tech touches include iPads to take orders, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for seamless communication and printing of receipts – all housed in a contemporary setting.  The Subiaco establishment is the newest kid on the Aisuru block, a large open space with a family-friendly feel.  And guess what peeps – you can actually making bookings here, unlike its Northbridge counterpart!  Cue mass hysteria and cheer from families, groups and function organisers.

We were walked through the menu and given a crash course in history simultaneously.  His passion, knowledge and enthusiasm are obvious.

Aisuru Subi

Aisuru Subi

8 Little Known Gems

  1. Ken personally trained as a chef in Sydney and Japan to get an intimate knowledge on the workings of a kitchen
  2. No chefs he interviewed knew how to fulfil his vision
  3. The California roll was the 1st fusion sushi roll.  Japanese migrated to the US in droves in search of better opportunities.  When these migrants arrived, they wanted Japanese food.  Salmon was very expensive at the time, and they sought an ingredient which mimicked the texture and consistency – avocado was the substitute
  4. There was joy when the disabled ramp he installed was actually used
  5. The Aisuru menu is 2 years of Ken’s time, perseverance, and dedication
  6. Aisuru offerings only came in 8 pieces, however customers consistently requested half rolls in order to sample more of their dishes
  7. An external consultant was brought on to advise on creating vegan and vegetarian dishes – what to use, what not to use, ingredient substitutions and flavours
  8. The vegan menu was accepted from Day 1 – and not just by vegans

Now what you’ve all been waiting for… the FOOD.

First off the bat, two very popular dishes:  The Crunchy Buddha’s Delight and Veganpillar.



The first had a satisfying crunch in every bite, combined with creamy avocado and flavoursome mushrooms.  I chose to have the Veganpillar with plum sauce.  You can also have it with the special mustard sauce.  All sauces are made in-house.

A sight for the eyes is the sensational Beets International.  Deep red beetroot, neon splashes of mustard sauce contrasted with the greens of cucumber, avocado and asparagus.

Beets International

Beets International

Now I love this name… Apple of Love.  Awww.. its actually seasoned and blow torched razor thin tomatoes layered on top of rolls filled with greens.  Why Apple of Love?  Well (another fun fact from Ken here!) when tomatoes first arrived in France, they did not know what it was.  They needed a name for it obviously.  Given their kinda-sorta shape similarity to apples, the French decided to call it the Apple of Love, because of its rouge colour.  So romantic.  So French.  Oui?

Apple of <3

Apple of ❤

Another favourite of customers on the menu is the Magic Mushroom.  No, it does not have any of “those” sorta magic mushrooms.  This G-rated version combines enoki and button mushrooms in the one roll.  This one was lower on the totem pole in terms of flavour.  Rather, the subtle natural flavour of the mushroom is allowed to shine through. 

At the insistence of Ken, we tried the Sweet Corn Tempura.  Literally corn straight off the cob.  Kinda like popcorn shrimp without the shrimp!  Hubby found it hard to stop picking at it, very Moorish and very easy to OD on.  Thank God we weren’t at home in front of the telly otherwise he would’ve polished off the whole plate.

Corn Tempura

Corn Tempura

Hubby just had to try the best-selling double-wrapped Plum flower roll.  Somewhat of a flagship dish at Aisuru, it’s chicken teriyaki and avo wrapped in nori and shari, then wrapped once more in tamago egg and liberally doused with sauce.

A brand new addition to their new 2013 menu (out soon)  – vegan yakitori sticks!!!  We sample two varieties of tofu yakitori:  one with sea salt and ginger, the other with traditional yakitori sauce.

all vegan sweet beancurd skin roll

all vegan sweet beancurd skin roll

By this point I am fighting the urge to undo the top button of my jeans.  Yeah… been chowing down like it’s going out of fashion.  It’s catching up with me!  Taking a sip of water while hubby takes one for the team and demolishes what I can’t finish, my thoughts start to wander to dessert.

As the green tea matcha ice cream isn’t vegan, I opt for the Banana Split Maki.  The description doesn’t do it justice: fried banana topped with fresh fruits and whipped cream.  Sprinkled with icing sugar.  Drizzled with chocolate and raspberry sauce.   We’re told customers throw caution to the wind and actually L-I-C-K the plate clean.  Some don’t even order sushi and just go straight for this baby.

The dish arrives and…

banana split maki

banana split maki

Holy.  Moly.  If looks could seduce… we’d all be in our birthday suits right about now.

Mine is the one on the end – without the cream.  The challenge was to eat the whole thing in one go to get the mish mash of different flavours in your mouth.  Banana split maki – 1.  Friska – 0.  It took me 3 mouthfuls to finish it off!

That topped off our first Aisuru dining experience.  But definitely not the last.

At the end of our meal, I asked what prompted Aisuru to commence offering vegan and vegetarian choices.  He synthesizes what I had been noticing myself.  People want vegetarian food.  People want vegan food.  I have noted it is now less of a struggle for me to buy vegan items in mainstream cafes, restaurants and supermarkets.  Change is happening!

Aisuru wanted to:

a)      Be different

b)      Give consumers the choice

c)       Be innovative

d)      Never compromise on quality

e)      Provide fusion sushi comparable to the most cutting edge restaurants in Tokyo, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Hong Kong, New York – the renowned “food capitals” of the world.

f)       Cater to the growing ex-pat community who are looking to recreate the same dining experiences they had while living abroad.

What can I say except mission accomplished.

Magic Mushroom

Magic Mushroom

Soon those with food intolerances can rejoice with glee!  There’s gluten free and lactose intolerant options currently being worked on by the team.  The Subiaco space will also have a separate lounge area and a fridge dedicated to cakes and other sweet things to tantalise your tastebuds.

Other than that, expansion is on the cards for Aisuru.  Perth will forever be known as its first home.  Future plans are underway to roll out the concept in South Africa, Indonesia, Singapore, and the USA among many others.

I’m chuffed to think we will have a home-grown global success story.  Thinking more near-term, I’m even more ridiculously chuffed for the ability to eat sushi with hubby and non-vegan friends – without having to order the borrrrrrrr-ing cucumber roll.

Thumbs up from me.  Thumbs up from hubby.  Hubby hails from the birthplace of ‘fusion sushi’ – California.   Every so often in a fit of nostalgia he’ll wail in disappointment ‘I miss the food back home!  It lacks flavour here, it’s expensive and service is crap!’

He thanks Ken with deep sincerity “food like this makes being far away from home so much more bearable”.  You know you’re onto a good thing when the proprietors of Little Caesar’s and Jacksons’ are your regular customers.

Final verdict?  Nobu quality, Subway prices.

The finer details…

Aisuru Sushi Subiaco

480 Hay Street Subiaco – Bookings available on 9381 2919

Closed Public Holidays, Sundays and Mondays. Moving to 7 days a week very soon.

Lunch 12 to 230. Dinner 6 to 930 (till 10pm fri and sat)


Aisuru Sushi Northbridge

208 William Street, Northbridge

7 days a week. Lunch 12 to 230. Dinner 6 to 930 (till 10pm fri and sat)

selection of thirst quenchers

Vegan in the Valley: A Visit to Swan Valley Vegetarian Cafe

Perhaps it was a case of ‘third time lucky’.  This was visit #3 to the Swan Valley Vegetarian Café.  My past two visits were for brunch and a PM coffee’n’cake session in the second half of last year.  For those that don’t know, the Swan Valley Vegetarian Café is in ‘the valley’ about 30 mins drive from Perth CBD.  Some of its neighbours are wineries, chocolate factories and farms.  Run by Julie (a naturopath) and Charlotte (a Bowen therapist) the café exudes a quaint country charm. 

Greeted with a smile at the front counter when walking in, we’re given menus and a general direction of our table. Hubby and I made our way through the tea shop towards our seats.  It was a lovely sunny day, however appearances proved deceiving as it was quite chilly outside.  Pity, as the café has a beautiful garden area and live music to enjoy too.

Taking our seats indoors, we were served immediately by our friendly waitress, who brought us water without needing to be asked.  We ordered our mains and requested a fresh detox juice (moi) and Flower Blossom tea for drinks.  Curious name, I thought.

The tea in pre-bloom

The tea in pre-bloom

A blooming tea is a feast for the eyes and the taste buds.  It delivered an explosion of spectacular shades of green made from high-quality fresh green tea buds from the high mountains of Yunnan province in China.   Consisting of a bundle of dried tea leaves encasing a dried flower, the bundle expands and unfurls in a process that emulates a blooming flower when steeped.  The flowers inside emerge as the centrepiece.

Wow.  And here is the blooming tea at its full glorious height.

full bloom

full bloom

I slurped my detox juice up in a matter of seconds.  Delish.  No pic sorry!  It was a deep red hue due to the beetroot.

Our mains arrived simultaneously.  Being a chilly winter’s day, hubby opted for the Moussaka.  Not just any moussaka though.  Typically, traditional Greek moussaka is a coronary waiting to happen – lamb mince, cheese, béchamel sauce, potato, eggs and butter.  This was the vegan version.  It looked and smelled awesome….

Swan Valley Vegetarian Cafe vegan moussaka

Swan Valley Vegetarian Cafe vegan moussaka

Hubby gulped down a mouthful.  It tasted as good as it looked.  Big thumbs up.  Actually, an even bigger thumbs up as this is coming from a non-vegan!  Meanwhile, I looked down at my chosen main, Raw Marinated Mushrooms with a Sunflower Seed Pate.  I’d been addicted to sunflower seed pate since devouring the sun-dried tomato version at home.  Again, the presentation was impeccable.

Raw Marinated Mushrooms with Sunflower Seed Pate

Raw Marinated Mushrooms with Sunflower Seed Pate

We both wished we had several stomachs so we could try everything on the menu.  Alas, another day another time.  With our plates scraped clean, we turned our attention to dessert.  There was quite a variety of both raw, cooked, vegan and gluten-free sweet nothings to cap off a, so far, faultless dining experience.

Staying true to my raw roots, I chose the cinnamon maca slice and hubby went for a choc beetroot vegan cake.  I also ordered a mocha with oat milk.  I was curious about the desserts and coffee, as on previous occasions they were less than stellar.

best buds: beetroot + cacao

best buds: beetroot + cacao

raw cinnamon + maca slice

raw cinnamon + maca slice

Ohhh, so glad I saved room for dessert… and the mocha was excellent too.  Hot, thick and frothy.. just the way I like it.

From a year ago, this humble establishment has made leaps and bounds forward.  The presentation, quality and service has drastically improved.  Combined with their seamless amalgamation of nutrition, healing, overall health and well-being – this is one place to definitely mark on the map.  It’s proven to be a haven for the like-minded.  There are various events on the calendar such as pilates, tarot reading and educational seminars.  Another big tick – the café makes donations to the Greener Pastures Sanctuary in Waroona, Lighthouse Foundation and other animal-friendly charities too.

Satiated and happy, we said good-bye and are looking forward to our next visit.  I’m glad there’s an establishment like this in the Valley area.  Often, I hesitate on making the 30 min drive out as inevitably after winery-hopping and general roaming around hunger will beckon.  There is rarely anything on offer that suits my chosen lifestyle.  Until now!

Further notes on Swan Valley Vegetarian Café:

They’re actually licensed and offer a selection of vegan, organic & bio-dynamic wines (some from ‘The Valley’), as well as a range of gluten-free beers.  Whether its breakfast, lunch, brunch, high tea, special functions or catering, it’s pretty likely you’ll be well taken care of.

The tea store stocks their own range of herbal teas ‘Valley Tea’, with herbal blends specially formulated to benefit the body’s systems (brews include Slumber, Winter Blues, Adrenal Detox, Stressless, Purify, Inflammation Tea, Dieter’s Tea, as well as old favourites such as Irish Breakfast et al and much much more), Rooibos varieties and organic Green teas with hints of organic orange peel, lemon grass, lavender etc.  There’s Chinese white tea, Jasmine tea and of course the blooming teas – which I thoroughly enjoyed during this visit!  Check out Valley Tea for more info.

Besides tea, other drool-worthy items in store are Yummy Crunchy Granola, Organic Quinoa, Organic Coconut Sugar, Agave, Cacao, Organic Hulled Hemp Seeds, and Loving Earth Drinking Chocolate.  You’ll have to see the range for yourself.

Let me know what you guys think of this place!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.