Organic, Oasis + City? Endota Combines all 3

It had been another whirlwind week at work.  On my quest to find businesses aligned with my philosophy of holistic health and well-being, I came across endota spa.

Bonus?  They’re smack bang in the city.

For those not yet in the know, endota is all-Australian certified organic spa success story.  The first endota spa opened in a small town near Melbourne 13 years ago.  The Perth branch is nestled between King St and Shafto Lane on the west end of Hay Street.  Walking up the stairs to their discrete entrance, it was a welcome sanctuary of calm amidst the cold, wet concrete jungle that is currently Perth city!  It had been a hell-ish week of turbulent winter weather.

hay street

hay street

I’m immediately greeted by endota perth’s proprietor Georgie Wood and ushered to the relaxation lounge.  The décor of the spa is a calming eco-modern palette of creams, greens and neutrals.

The endota menu?  Decisions decisions.   Treatment packages range from an express 30 minute head and shoulder massage to the baller 5-hour total pampering session aka the appropriately named “Splash Out ” which consists of a footbath, yoghurt cocoon, facial, spa mani + pedi and massage.  Alas, I was on my lunch break.  Boo hiss.

I settle in the lounge, green tea in hand,and fill out the client form.  My therapist greets me right on time for my appointment.

devil is in the detail

devil is in the detail

I’m led into the treatment room, take off my many layers and finally rest my weary self on the treatment table.  Ooohhhhh… its heated and moulds to the body!  I don’t ever want to get up and wonder how much one of these babies will set me back.  I have just the place for it at home…. mmm… snapping out of my daydream, my therapist double checks the info on my client sheet and advises my facial will begin.

She’s very knowledgeable about the products and skilled in the art of NOT talking throughout the treatment (funnily enough, was watching Rules of Engagement last night where the very same thing happened to Audrey, only it was Adam who wouldn’t shut up, not the therapist).  Zero chance of this happening here.

She starts off with the cleanser, followed by an exfoliating scrub and an extremely rejuvenating wild orange facial mist.  Then comes the face masque. The end of the facial is signified by the masque being wiped off and moisturiser smoothed on in its place.  Oh, and there’s also a quick face, head and shoulder massage thrown into the mix somewhere.  As I slowly come back to my senses, I curse silently.  Damn, 30 minutes has gone by much too quickly for my liking.

With a theatrical sigh, I reluctantly hoist myself off the warm treatment table and collect my belongings.

My therapist gives me a sheet detailing the products used during the facial.  Before I leave, I’m given a few samples of endota teas.  Endota sources its ingredients as locally as possible.  This encapsulates everything, from moisturisers to tea leaves!

As I descend down the stairs and out of the spa, the sights and sounds of the city again envelope me.

With comparable rates to other CBD spas, the endota difference is the use of native Australian certified organic ingredients and extra facilities such as a large couples treatment room and a relaxation lounge.  The latter is stocked with teas, magazines, comfy sofas, scented candles and lighting conducive to helping one fall asleep!

I could think of worse ways to spend half your lunch break.

cosy treatment room featuring lust-worthy heated table

cosy treatment room featuring lust-worthy heated table

Most relevant to this blog is the health and well-being connection.

60-Seconds with endota perth’s Georgie Wood

Georgie shares with me how her father-in-law adopted a 100% raw diet when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  After approximately 5 years being a fully-fledged “rawtarian” or “raw foodie” his tumours had shrunk significantly.  He lives a healthy, full life.. extremely fit  and active at 71 years young.  His brush with cancer was the catalyst for beginning – and continuing to – live life as holistically and organically possible.

Why did you decide to open an endota spa?

I was introduced to the endota spa network approximately 3 years ago as a potential franchisee.  I fell in love with the ethos and culture that endota not only promotes, but also how they all live their lives. The founders are  dynamic, earthy ladies who have worked hard to create, grow and share their passion for affordable and authentic products, and show business owners how to create an authentic retreat where everyone (all clients) can afford to indulge in a little love and peace for themselves in this fast paced world.

My background is fitness and nutrition, so I really understand the importance of caring for our bodies and souls, inside and out, for peace and wellbeing.

“It’s not just about looking good!  It’s also about feeling fabulous, nurtured, rested and worthy.”

I’m addicted to:

I love, love, love quinoa and pop chia seeds on everything!

Your favourite endota product and why?

I am a lover of the glycolic polishing mask for fabulous exfoliation and the bush honey and macadamia skin drink as my daily moisturiser.  Clearing away old skin cells, allowing for the new, and feeding my skin is really important to me at my young 49 years of age!

Most popular treatment at endota spa and best-selling product?

I would have to say our “treat” spa package is probably the most popular gift package purchased and given.  It’s a 3 hour treatment consisting of the billabong footbath, foot massage, body cleanse and brushing, a divine warm oil body cocoon, scalp and full body massage. Plus the signature endota organic facial. All the products we use in our gift voucher treatments are certified organic, our very own range.

Paint us a picture of your former working life:

My spa has been open about 17 months now.  Previously, I was busy growing my family and had a small personal business coaching clients in fitness and nutrition.  Prior to that I have been in event management in hospitality. All my working life has been people-based – which is where I love to be.

The finer details…

endota day spa Perth CBD

Level 1, 856 Hay St
Perth  WA  6000
t: (08) 6181 9858

There’s two winter specials ending in August (eeps, only 2 weeks to go!)

Check out the details here


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